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Kennel Club Health Information

Below are a series of links to various pages of health information found on the Kennel Club website.

  • The Kennel Club Health website, this site encourages that dogs are healthy and responsibly kept and bred





  • Breed Watch illustrated Guide, this offers comprehensive illustrations for category 2 and 3 breeds with points of concern. This is for all who are interested in the health and welfare of show dogs





  • International Canine Health Awards, championing those that work to promote improvement in health of dogs whether as a profession or an interest





  • Pet Health Information: Articles relating to a huge variety of conditions/diseases that can affect dogs





  • Breeding advice, health resources and information on the science of breeding





  • Mate select, a tool which can estimate breeding values (breeding coefficients)





  • Breed Health and Conservation Plan booklet, using evidence based research to identify, prioritise and improve canine health.

Kennel Club Health Breed Watch Guide Health Awards Pet Health Breeding Advice Mate Select Health Booklet