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Society AGM - Health Report 2016


Liz Branscombe has provided us with the 2016 Flatcoated Retriever Society AGM health report. This can be found by clicking on the link to the right.

Health Report

Alabama Rot

(Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy)


A disease that presents as open a non healing sore(s)  which then affects the kidneys; in most cases being fatal.  If you find a non responding wound on your dog's extremities have it examined by a vet without delay, particularly if you are in an area where there has been known incidence or it is wet and muddy (see below).


This year has seen 43 cases across 21 separate counties, lately cases have been seen in West Sussex, Hampshire and Devon.  It is primarily seen in the wetter, colder months (Oct-May) reducing in incidence as the weather and ground dries.


As yet there has been no definite cause found despite research; it is difficult to know whether the prevalence is actual or that awareness is now higher.  It is important to remember that this is still a relatively rare disease, precautions can be taken for example washing mud off feet etc on return but there is no need to stop enjoying your dogs or taking them out.


Confirmed cases

2014 - 32

2015 - 21

2016 - 19

2017 - 40

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Health Report