Southern Flatcoated Retriever Club         



Health and Welfare Fund

This fund provides a separate financial ‘pot’ for the support of Health initiatives and where applicable, research into diseases that affect Flatcoated Retrievers. This will be financed by private donations and fundraising both by individuals and club events.  The fund will be ‘ring-fenced’ within the accounts of the SFRC, therefore, kept separate from the general accounts of the club.


Any award of sponsorship or donation from the fund will be strictly managed - with the authority to award funds being gained by a quorum of the committee. This will include two officers and the Health Monitor who will advise as to the merit of any gift to be awarded.


Any donation, bursary or sponsorship made during a given year will be recorded within the accounts, as will the monies held by the fund.  This information will be made available with the accounts and reported at the AGM.


If you are organising any raffles, dog walks or other events please consider this fund as a worthy recipient of a donation. The SFRC will be adding a donation as an option on entry forms at the clubs events and shows.


Any requests for sponsorship from this fund should be made in writing to the SFRC Health Monitor – Ms T Swain who will present it for consideration to the committee.