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Getting a Puppy

Getting a puppy is a huge responsibility and commitment as they generally live between 10 and 12 years. Before you decide on getting a Flatcoat find out everything you can about the breed. Visit our breed page for some more helpful information. You can also contact the committee members of the club, their details can be found on the contact page of this website. The committee have all had Flatcoats for a number of years, and would be more than willing to have a chat about the breed, and answer any questions you may have. It is very important that you meet the breed and speak to people who have them. This club runs many events throughout the year, come along and see the dogs in action.






















Finding a Puppy

There are many ways of looking for a puppy, however you must be careful, and only deal with a respectable breeder. Breeders list their litters with the litter secretary of the Flatcoat Society and the The Kennel Club. When using other websites such as the breeders own site, please use caution and common sense. There are many respectable breeders out there, but there are also unscrupulous puppy farmers.























To Look Out for when visiting Puppies

  • ALWAYS see the whole litter with their mother

  • Ensure all relevant health checks have been done on the parents i.e. hips scored and eyes tested, ask to see the certificates

  • The whelping box/puppy pen should be clean and of a good size

  • All the puppies should be alert, happy and bright






















Go armed with Questions

1. Will the puppy be vet checked?

2. Will there be a contract of sale?

3. What food will the puppy be on and will some be given with

the puppy when it leaves?

4. What is the health history of the sire and dam?

5. Is this the first litter from sire and dam? If not, how are the

health of the other puppies?

6. What are the temperaments like?

7. Will there be a puppy pack provided with written advice?

8. Will there be after sales advice if needed?

9. Will the puppy be microchipped?

10.  Will free insurance be given for 4 weeks?



















A respectable breeder will have a contract of sale stipulating the responsibilities of both parties. They will not hesitate to offer after sales advice and be at the end of a phone whenever you need them. Be prepared to be grilled, you may have lots of questions for them, but they should have more for you. A good breeder will ask about your family situation, home location, work set up etc they have to make sure you are going to care for their puppy, so be prepared to be interviewed ! Be guided by the breeder, they will know the characters of the puppies and what would suit your home life. Finally ensure that the breeder gives you all Kennel Club documents, insurance details, advice and feeding sheet.


Best of luck, and enjoy your Flatcoat they are truly wonderful, loving breed.



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