Southern Flatcoated Retriever Club         





With COVID-19 there is proving to be a very high demand for puppies of all breeds, including the Flatcoated Retriever.  


As you have taken the time to look at our website it is likely that you have an interest in the breed and may well be looking for a puppy to join your family.


Before going any further and whilst reading the information and guidance available please consider whether it really is the right time for you to get a puppy.  Dogs are a big commitment and can live for over 10 years.  They take time to train and can be expensive too!


You may find that there are very few puppies around and it is difficult to find a breeder’s list to join.  Reputable breeders are still having litters but will usually have a waiting list; However, as with every breed there are some unscrupulous people who are breeding solely for profit.  Some of these puppies may come from parents with no health tests, no Kennel Club registration documents and many also carry a large price tag.  Sadly some litters could also be scams; with you puppies not being the pedigree bred dog you are expecting, nor be as healthy as you would hope.  Be very thorough on your research before handing any money over as a deposit. No reputable breeder will charge you to join their waiting list.


Never accept the excuse that you cannot go and see a puppy in its’ home environment with its’ mother.  Current Covid-19 guidelines allow a purchaser to collect a puppy from a breeder as long as social distancing is maintained.  You may find that ‘a breeder’ will offer to meet you at a convenient place.  We do not recommend that you do this.  



Before buying a puppy, or even going to see a litter we recommend that you check the following:-



•A puppy should cost up to £1,400, be very careful if the breeder is asking for more.  They could be just about the money at whatever cost to the dam and the puppies.


•Puppies should be registered with the Kennel Club. If they are not you need to understand why as this could be because the recommended health tests on the parents have not been undertaken and the care of the puppies and dam are not as required by the Kennel Club.  Both parents must be hip scored and eye tested for PLA/Goniodysgenesis. Information on these tests is available on our website



•Once the puppies are born and it is confirmed that there is one available for you, a deposit may be paid but this should come off the overall purchase price. This deposit should be refundable if you are not happy having seen the litter.


•It is very important that you see the puppies with the mother.  It is very unlikely that you will be able to see the father but you should be able to view photos and all the health test certificates.


•As visiting the breeders home may not be possible at the moment, technology is such that puppy buyers can be offered video calls etc. via mobile phones/tablets. This enables you to see the puppies and the environment that they are living in and to see them with their mother. Do not accept a pre recorded video.


•Be cautious of breeders selling through Gumtree, Pets4Homes, local Facebook groups, and other similar sites.


•A puppy should NOT leave its mother before 8 weeks of age and MUST be micro-chipped.  You should also receive a ‘Puppy Pack’ with information about diet, socialisation, pedigree and a contract.


NEVER buy a puppy if you feel sorry for it.  If you feel uncomfortable please do walk away.  Be patient, you will find a puppy that is suitable for you.


Best of luck with your search for a puppy.