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About the Flatcoated Retriever

History of the Breed

Flatcoats originated in the mid 19th century in England they are thought to have come from a cross between a  black coated spaniel type dog from Labrador and an English/Black Setter. This produced the Wavy Coated Retriever later renamed the Flatcoated Retriever. They were excellent retrievers in all cover and water, they had great intelligence, and were a favourite with the gamekeepers.


















Flatcoats make wonderful family pets, they are intelligent, happy and excellent with children. They are also boisterous, lively and very licky ! They are known as the “Peter Pan's” of the dog world, due to the fact they don't really grow up, they are a very slow maturing breed. They adore people, being with them and having their attention. They are not good to be left alone for periods of time, and they definitely are not kennel dogs.



























They can be very good at working trials, obedience and agility if you are able to channel their enthusiasm. They simply love water (the dirtier the better), mud (preferably deep enough to swim in) and poo (to eat and roll in). They also love to eat things they shouldn't such as children’s toys, shoes, umbrellas, anything on their level. All of these things can be fatal, so care should always be taken when leaving items around the home and on the floor.  They are keen gardeners due to their “cow” gene which most Flatcoats seem to have inherited. They will eat large clumps of grass and deadhead beautiful flowers, all in the name of fun. A smart manicured garden in the home of a Flatcoat is a rare thing.

















Finally, they are a truly fabulous breed, to know them is to love them, they are a true addiction, as one Flatcoat is never enough !

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